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Service Idea

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Realize the principle of 24-hour door-to-door service and national joint insurance; Solve the most labor-saving, heart-saving and money-saving gas experts in enterprises! With the best service, the genuine and genuine products will return the attention, support and help the consumers of Roddy Company from all walks of life. Luodi people always regard customers as mentors and good friends, and think about the source of drinking water, with deep gratitude.

The company upholds that "Quality is Luodi's life; Service is Luodi's future; Brand is Roddy's value; Innovation is Luodi's soul." Ideas.

Luodi has agents at or above provincial level and municipalities directly under the Central Government. There are more than 200 channels and networks, and more than 2000 terminals and networks, which are exported to all continents of the world. In the next three years, more than 5000 sales outlets will be built to serve more consumers, so that you can buy more practical, efficient and energy-saving products.



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