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  A gas utilization expert around you -- Zhejiang Luodi adheres to the principle of “Quality First, Customer Supreme”! We sincerely provide global customers with high-quality service, and hope to become your long-term partner through our sincerity and efforts, to create common brilliancy!
  In the tenet of “Luodi is quality, Luodi is service”, we will achieve your goals:
       1.Become your gas utilization expert;
       2.You are using any brand of air compressor, Luodi are dedicated to your service!
  Luodi's core values:
  Luodi talent is the most valuable resource. Luodi company is committed to creating a competitive environment for the people to create a broad space for the success of career goals. The company will provide a good working environment, competitive salary system, through the establishment of a fair and reasonable performance appraisal, reward system, and staff education and training system to attract and retain talents. The concept of Luodi's core values: people-oriented, honest and trustworthy, but compatibility, mutual benefit, innovation, pursuit of excellence.
  Luodi is quality, Luodi is service:
  Over the years, Luodi has been a leader in the field of piston compressor technology. We have established a professional, strict quality control system and perfect customer service system, so as to high-quality products and excellent service to win the trust of customers around the world. Luodi people always regard customer as the mentor, as your good friend, and drink from the source, with deep gratitude. Luodi is the quality, Luodi is the service is not only a slogan, is a commitment, but also the survival of the air and water Luodi people.
  Teamwork is the cornerstone of Luodi development:
  Luodi advocate teamwork, mutual cooperation and mutual support in the working atmosphere, the individual talent and potential of the team to maximize the play. A part, we as agent for the Luodi team can not be separated each other honest, grow together to pull together in times of trouble. Good communication is the basis of teamwork, we have opened up a variety of communication channels to ensure that the company, the company and agents and customers can be smooth, frank and friendly communication.
  Innovation enables Luodi to go beyond:
  Innovation is the driving force for sustainable development of Luodi company. Since its establishment, we always adhere to technological innovation, so that our products continue to enter the new market. We will extend the concept of innovation to the field of management, improve the level of enterprise management to stimulate the Luodi team's ability to innovate. Luodi is committed to creating a learning organization, encouraging each employee to learn for life, in the study to achieve personal and team employees continue to transcend.
  Enterprise mission and purpose:
  Quality is the life of enterprise; service is the future of enterprise;
  Brand is the value of enterprise; innovation is the soul of enterprise.

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