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  Zhejiang Luodi M&E Technology Co., Ltd.is a vibrant imaginative and creative enterprise full of vigor. Through years of commercial experience, we have cultivated our behaving rules of “Integrity and Steadiness” and working style of “Toughness and Reality”.
  In 2013, we will constantly carry out format innovation and accelerate development relying on the brand advantages of Luodi in the business philosophy of “Continuous Conduction, Customer Supreme, Integrity Basis” and the development strategy of “Stand still in Taizhou, expand East China, develop to the whole country, gol global”, to gradually establish “Luodi Air Compressors” into a large networked chain operation famous-brand enterprise!
  Luodi is quality, Luodi is service: Luodi has been a leader in the technical field of piston machine compression technologies for years. We have established a professional and strict quality management system and a perfect customer service system, thus winning the trust of global customers with high-quality products and excellent service. Luodi people regard customers as teachers and good friends forever, never forget our source and are deeply grateful. “Luodi is quality, Luodi is service” is not only a slogan but and a commitment but also is the air and water on which Luodi people survive.
  "Quality is the life of Luodi; service is the future of Luodi; brand is Luodi value; innovation is the soul of Luodi." Luodi company's mission and purpose. I believe that, in support of relevant departments, in the joint efforts of all staff, I sincerely hope that in the future, friends in the community, especially for the concern and support for the development of Luodi leaders, as in the past to care and support, support and help Zhejiang Luodi M&E Technology Co., Ltd. development and growth. At the same time, Luodi also want to learn, learn from each other with you; and you can expect Luodi air compressor to communicate with each other, hand in hand, create brilliant future together with each other!

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